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Provide the perfect pamper with health and beauty finance

There’s no better way to refresh, rejuvenate and invigorate the body and mind than by visiting a health spa or beauty salon. So when customers book in for the ultimate treat, they want to know you have top-of-the-range equipment that will leave them feeling pampered.

One of the safest and easiest ways to afford health and beauty equipment is through asset finance. By offering your existing assets as collateral against a loan, you can skip months of saving and instantly purchase high-quality instruments and products. Then, you make small monthly payments – typically at a fixed rate of interest – with no risk of bankruptcy if things go wrong.

At Kane Financial Services, we have more than 35 years’ experience in matching businesses throughout the UK and Ireland with low-cost asset finance plans. Many of our health and beauty finance options are exclusive to the broker community, meaning you won’t find the best deal at your local high-street lender. Request your free quote today to see how health and beauty finance could turn your spa or salon into the top choice around for indulgent comfort and care.

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What are the benefits of health and beauty finance?


Purchase equipment from all your favourite brands and pay for it all under one contract


Avoid hefty upfront payments and spread the cost of your equipment over its working lifespan


Asset finance is 100% tax deductible from profits and doesn’t affect your other lines of credit


Predictable monthly payments makes it easy to improve your cash flow management

You can get health and beauty finance for:

  • Tanning, massage and beauty beds
  • Manicure tables
  • Styling tools
  • Beauty, hair and skincare products
  • Hair removal equipment
  • Facial steamers and vaporisers
  • Towels, gloves and masks
  • Furniture
  • Much more

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Filling your spa or salon with the latest health and beauty equipment is the key to providing a luxury service that keeps customers coming back. Speak with our expert team today for free advice on finding a low-risk health and beauty finance plan that suits your business.

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