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Provide top-quality education with an affordable, low-risk education asset finance plan

Running a successful school, college, academy or university requires a broad range of high-quality equipment across many different departments. And due to complex rules and regulations, the way you access and pay for this equipment must be very specific. That can make it tough to get the equipment you need when you need it at a competitive rate.

With education asset finance, however, you can get all the equipment you need from your chosen suppliers and pay for it under a single contract.

You simply make small monthly payments, often with a fixed interest rate, for a duration that suits your needs and budget. And since you can offer up your existing assets as collateral, there’s no risk of bankruptcy if you’re unable to pay.

Educational institutes across the UK and Northern Ireland rely on Kane Financial Services for simple and convenient education asset finance at highly affordable rates. With over 35 years of experience as an Independent Asset Finance Broker, we have exclusive connections that high-street lenders simply can’t compete with. To find out how you can improve your institute with education asset finance, get your free quote today.

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What are the benefits of education finance?


Get top-of-the-range equipment from your preferred sources and pay under a single contract


Spread the cost of equipment over its lifespan while protecting your reserve funds


Asset finance is 100% tax deductible from profits and doesn’t affect other lines of credit


Planning around predictable and affordable payments makes cash flow management easy

You can get education finance for:

  • Interactive whiteboards and screens
  • Desks, chairs, lockers and storage
  • Tablet storage and charge lockers
  • Playground and gym equipment
  • Lathes and milling machines
  • IT equipment and Wi-Fi systems
  • CCTV and security equipment
  • Pupil entry systems
  • Much more

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Making sure every department in your institution is well-equipped can be a challenge. But a low-risk asset finance plan takes away the stress and allows you to consistently deliver outstanding education. For free advice on education asset finance, contact our expert team today.

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